Girl Talk: Are All The Good Men Gone?

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It seems that all men are horrible, good for nothing, inconsiderate, cheating assholes. Well that’s if you listen to the majority. I don’t think a day goes by without me hearing something negative about the opposite sex. Is it us or is it them? I think it’s a bit of both!

I think we can all agree there are some rotten dudes out there that should be put on a boat and sent to an island with nothing but mosquitoes and snakes, but that’s not ALL men. I have to believe there are still genuinely good men out there. Or could it be that women don’t allow themselves the pleasure of enjoying a good man? Are our guards up so much that the good ones can’t get in either?

Let the talk begin…..


TEAM_DBGirl Talk: Are All The Good Men Gone?

Girl Talk: What About Your Friends?

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So its that awesome beginning of a relationship where everything is new and exciting. Your days are spent sending love notes and long nights cuddling. You can’t stop smiling because you’re on cloud nine and then the hammer drops. Your “friends” call you out for not spending time with them. DRAMA

Shouldn’t they be understanding and happy for you? I mean come on, you actually found someone that you enjoy spending time with and they bring you happiness. Are they feeling left out or is a little envy in there?  After all, they’re the ones with all this time to complain.  At what point do you allow your “friends” to demand time from you?

Let’s talk….

TEAM_DBGirl Talk: What About Your Friends?

Girl Talk: Mood Makers

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What are your must haves for a romantic evening. For me its all about the mood. I love great conversation with tons of laughter and flirting. The chase throughout the night heightens the anticipation and really gets me in the mood. Good music is a must. I know I’m not the only woman that likes to Dance for her man.

Whether its a specific red lipstick, come get me heels, or a little Beyonce, I know every woman has her tricks.

Let’s share…

TEAM_DBGirl Talk: Mood Makers

Hey There!

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My beloved DB, oh how I have missed thee!!! We’ve been working up a storm over here at headquarters. Expanding and starting new things. I can’t wait to share everything with you guys. New lives were welcomed into the world and new chapters began in our hectic lives. But don’t fret my pet. We’ve got a little somethin somethin planned for you to end the year with a bang. It’s November, 1st, so let’s do this! My favorite anthem to start a productive month!

TEAM_DBHey There!

50 Years Later

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50 years ago, Dr Martin Luther King Jr delivered a powerful speech that changed the mindset of the country. Whether you agree with the message of the speech or not, you can’t deny the influence of the words spoken 50 years ago. Look at the impact that roughly over 1500 words had on so many. What I take from the speech the most (amongst other things), is that anyone with a Dream or idea can get that message across and change the lives of millions. DB never lose faith in what you believe and the power of words. You never know how your words can inspire many.

TEAM_DB50 Years Later

Back In The Day….

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Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore…Do you remember all the things you didn’t want to do and now you wish you could do. Boy that Kid’s meal is soo tempting… I remember I couldn’t wait to order off the adult menu! But out of all the little things, I miss mid day naps the most! I think the world would be a better place if adults took naps during the day. I don’t need 2 hours or anything, but a good 45 minute nap would do wonders for my day. What do you guys think? What do you miss from your childhood?

TEAM_DBBack In The Day….

Age Ain’t A Factor

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So I was having a fabulous lunch the other day with my sister when I overheard a conversation that made me a bit perturbed… There was a group of young women that were complaining about where they were in life and said they needed to find a man before they were too old to catch a glance. Now, I have to admit these women had their Dangerously Beautiful style game on, but definitely not their minds.

This isn’t the sixties anymore women, we don’t have to be married and have children by the age of 25. Dangerously Beautiful women are about living life and doing what we feel is right. If we want to be doctors, lawyers, or simply travel the world before becoming someone’s wife, we can do that. You should never feel pigeon held to an age to ‘start a family’. If your journey takes you there before 30, well good for you. But if your journey takes you to 40, you can do that too. Enjoy your lives and remember that Age Ain’t a Factor!

My man Jaheim got it right with his new song…Can’t wait to hear the album!

TEAM_DBAge Ain’t A Factor


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I recently read about President’s Obama thoughts on ‘Kimye’ and how their lavish lifestyle being showed off affects the American Dream. “The American dream involved some pretty basic stuff — a good job where you felt some security, a good education … People felt if they worked hard they could get there.”

Well I agree a bit. Being a kid and watching what Kim is wearing everyday and how she spends tons of money does give a bit of false reality. But it could also motivate some. I mean come on, any kid watching those reality shows could really live like that if they wanted. Maybe I’m naive, but I still believe that anyone can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. Not just sitting wishing about making it happen, but rolling up their sleeves and working hard for it. Especially DB women, we got this! What do you think?


Summertime Sadness

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The summer is beginning to wind down and the sadness is setting in. There’s just something about those long summer days and extra hot nights. Here in Miami, the sun will be blazing easily through November, but it’s just not the same. But don’t fret my pet, DB has a last summer hurrah headed your way! Can’t wait to share the sunshine with you!!! Happy Friday DB!



TEAM_DBSummertime Sadness

DB Essentials

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Whether you’re looking to kick it at Starbucks or have lunch with your girlfriends, you can’t go wrong with DB Essentials. These are our fan favorites and should be staples for all Dangerously Beautiful women. After all, aren’t you the Baddest Chick in the Game?

In this male dominated society, you must always remember that Ladies are Pimps Too! Stress over haters, men, or society; never that! We are Dangerous with our minds and always on our Grind.

We FLIRT when we want and become extra Dangerous When Wet! Whatever the mood, DB has something waiting for you! So check out the DB Essentials and pick up your favorites today. We are women, hear us Rawr!

TEAM_DBDB Essentials