Age Ain’t A Factor

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So I was having a fabulous lunch the other day with my sister when I overheard a conversation that made me a bit perturbed… There was a group of young women that were complaining about where they were in life and said they needed to find a man before they were too old to catch a glance. Now, I have to admit these women had their Dangerously Beautiful style game on, but definitely not their minds.

This isn’t the sixties anymore women, we don’t have to be married and have children by the age of 25. Dangerously Beautiful women are about living life and doing what we feel is right. If we want to be doctors, lawyers, or simply travel the world before becoming someone’s wife, we can do that. You should never feel pigeon held to an age to ‘start a family’. If your journey takes you there before 30, well good for you. But if your journey takes you to 40, you can do that too. Enjoy your lives and remember that Age Ain’t a Factor!

My man Jaheim got it right with his new song…Can’t wait to hear the album!

TEAM_DBAge Ain’t A Factor

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